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    It had been a relatively normal day. Well, disregarding the fact that the coffee machine had attacked you, your boss yelled at you and you had found a cat sniffing around in the garbage behind the store you worked at. Why you brought it home with you, you really didn't know.
     "Now that I think about it..." You breath, pushing into your house and gently letting the cat down, "I think it's just because you're too adorable to be left out there." You say, rubbing the top of the feline's head, pulling at it's ears a bit before straightening and shedding your jacket. Not the best reason to adopt a cat, you had to admit, but to be fair you had seriously considered adopting one anyways. Now was the perfect chance! Or maybe you were just being rash. Either way, the new creature was left to it's own devices while you mused.
    "I'll just get you some food, hm?" You begin under your breath, making your way to the kitchen and opening the fridge. A can of tuna sat perfectly on one of the shelves. "Ain't that lucky..." You begin, grabbing it and popping it open.
    After preparing it, you looked around for the cat. It had disappeared a few moments ago, swishing it's feathery tail around behind it.
    "Kitty!~" You begin, poking your head into the living room. You giggled a bit when you saw it sitting on the couch in a very human-like fashion. It looked at you with wide icy-blue eyes, as if it had already done something wrong. Your smile turned to a frown, and you immediately began to look around for the tell-tell wet spot. There didn't appear to be one...and you didn't feel like exerting yourself, so you just set the bowl on the coffee table and sat down next to the cat.
    The long-coated feline jumped from the couch onto the table and sniffed at the fish. After a moment, it meowed and chowed down.
    Where it came from and who it's owners were was all a mystery, and you weren't about to complain. Around it's neck was a strange looking ribbon, but whenever you tried to look closer at the matted and musty piece of cloth the cat would hiss.
    You sighed tiredly, letting down your hair and shaking it out, you returned your gaze to the cat and met with icy blue eyes. Wow. You had never seen a cat look so...intelligent. Was it just you? No, it was like that cat was actually thinking something. Well, other than the natural instincts to find flood, pleasure, and the like.
    "Well, kitty-cat, we should give you bath now shouldn't we?" You start with a smile. It licked it's chops before leaning down and continuing it's meal. You closed your eyes and leaned your head back, rubbing your hands against your face and sighing. It had been a long day and the soles of your feet ached.
    Meow. You cracked an eye open and looked at the cat. It meowed once more before pawing at the empty bowl and leaping off the table. You watched dumbly as it scuttled away. Huh, someone didn't want to take a bath.
    Well, this was more interesting than lamenting over your woes, so you stood and gave chase. A few minutes later found you trying to coax the stubborn kitty with a cupped hand and a few kissing sounds. Was it just you, or was that cat blushing? No, it couldn't be. It was just rubbing it's face and refusing to look at strange.
    "Come on you." You say, scooping up the creature and bringing it to your waist. You carried it there, and it hung limp in you arms letting out a disgruntled strangled sound. You chuckle, bringing the cat to your chest and kissing the top of it's head. "So, kitty-cat, are you a boy or a girl?" You muse, opening the door to the bathroom.

~Norway's P.O.V.~

    I watched her as she let down her hair and shook it out, rivulets of (h/l)(h/c), freeing oodles of good smells that had been caught in the locks throughout the day. She caught me staring, giving me a curious look. Lucky for me, I was just a cat—so I didn't have to worry about appearing creepy. After saying something about a bath, she cracked a smile, and the small heart in my furry chest sped up. Without a word I bent down to finish my food and sped off to find a good dark place to collect my thoughts.
       A few minutes later, however, she came after me. Goodness, there was virtually no rest with this woman.
    I stood stock still when she tried to coax me over with kissing sounds. They were light, and they made me itch. Oddly, they sounded like a twittering bird. No doubt, that's all they sounded like to a full cat. But I wasn't a full cat. I could easily turn into a human and...well, nevermind.
    While I was distracted, she grabbed me up by my midsection and held me to her waist as she started upstairs. I let out a frustrated growl, and holding back another when she brought me up to her chest and hugged me.
    She kissed the top of my head, rubbing her cheek against the space between my ears. My ears flicked, barely picking up what she was murmuring. "So, kitty-cat...boy...girl?"
    Hurrhh? She continued to pet me, and I could feel my eyes sink lower and lower at her pleasant touch. We were now in a white little room with bright lights.
    Without my consent, or even any warning, the woman flipped me onto my back and I almost forgot I was a cat. Growling, she exposed my belly.
    "Ah, a boy." She said curtly, looking down at my...well. Though I was only a cat, and the action only lasted a few seconds, I was left flustered. I felt violated, to be totally honest. What right did she have to flip me over just to check my gender?
    Wasn't I manly enough looking? I mean, seriously.

~Your P.O.V.~
~Time skip~

    "That...was interesting." You start, carrying your wet cat out of the bathroom and wrapping a towel around him. He was silent, and certainly didn't look happy. With a shrug, you set him on your bed and toweled him dry. A moments later you left him to change into your own pajamas.
    "There's two more things we have to do..." You start when you come out of the bathroom, running your fingers through your hair.
    The white cat tilted it's head. You laughed, charmed by its novel reactions. As if it could understand you...
    "We have to take this dreaded thing off." You start, reaching out to the cat's neck. The tattered ribbon hung on the last threads of life, and yet...A small paw batted against your hand, gently pushing you away.  You dropped your hand, then pouted. The cat paused, using it's paw to rub it's forehead. You reached for it again, under the watchful gaze of the cat, and managed to untie it.
    "Good boy." You say happily, ruffling the fur on his chest and scratching his chin a bit before turning to the ribbon. It appeared to be some sort of flag. Perhaps you could find a replacement, as the cat simply didn't look as cute without it—dirty or not.
    "And that last thing..." You continue, throwing back the covers and climbing into bed. "We need to give you a name." You reach over and flip the light off, settling back into your bed and half-expecting him to scamper off and explore his new house. Instead, you felt the feline crawling up your leg. It circled a few times at your stomach, kneading lightly before settling down and wrapping it's tail around itself.
    "Cute. Well, maybe I'll come up with a name tomorrow." You yawn, stroking the down white fur ball on your belly before drifting off.
So this is a request for:

First time working with Norway, so if he's OCC then I'm sorry. Also, I would like to apologize for the lack of any plot. It's just...a giant ball of fluff. Gah! *goes and hides*

Either way, I hope you like it. ^.^

Norway--> :iconhimaruyaplz:
Picture ---> Not mine.

On second thought:

If you want me to finish this off, or add another part so that there is something like a closing/ending, I'll happily do so. ~HaeleeH
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